Entrepreneur. Designer. Adventurer. Business builder. Globalist. Mentor.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade has lived a rich, fulfilling life creating and operating online financial service businesses with a global reach.

Marcio Garcia De Andrade

Marcio Garcia De Andrade with a great smile

He’s a man with a head full of concepts and the knowledge, skills and company structure to make those ideas pay off. As a pioneer in operating the virtual company, he has moved his headquarters around the world and has employees and associates in numerous countries.

His focus today is on sharing his energy and talents with fellow entrepreneurs—especially those in start-up mode.

Marcio’s motto: “Design your life—it won’t design itself.”

Currently the owner, architect and founder of numerous web sites in both the consumer and corporate financial services world, he started his first online financial services company while studying for his bachelor’s of finance degree at the University of Florida. Within a few years—when it was consistently ranked #1 for business loans on Google—he sold the enterprise to Lendio.com.

Shortly thereafter, rethinking what people needed and how the financial markets were evolving, he established a company to vet individuals and businesses in order for them to acquire funding through relationships with hand-picked lenders such as Capital One, American Express, Barclays and others.

He then formed several related commercial websites that offered additional advantages to those seeking credit stability and resources. His business model knitted together top talent from around the globe to perform professional level programming, web design, marketing, SEO enhancements, administration, and legal and promotional work.

Marcio Garcia De Andrade

Marcio Garcia De Andrade with black shirt

Marcio has successfully predicted market trends relating to financing, credit and meeting financial goals. Through his companies, he has helped thousands of people stabilize in a volatile credit market, achieve funding for their businesses and meet their financial dreams.

Never afraid to take chances he has weathered upturns and downturns in the U.S. and world markets, building a business that employs hundreds of full time, part time and free-lance workers and has always kept ahead of the game.

Marcio believes that before you can be a successful business person, you must be a successful sales person. He says, “Business is all about sales. So become excellent at sales, and then take those skills and start a business with a very low overhead and very high margins.”

Marcio is currently based—physically—in Rio de Janeiro in his native Brazil. Away from his virtual office he enjoys body building, Muay-Thai, hang gliding and traveling the world.